Bold Adventures

Dear Donna,

It’s a strange one but lately I feel a certain sense of fun, boldness and adventure creep back into my mindset. I’m reminded that God was not shy with His creations and quite honestly, we should be more brave too.  Doesn’t our call for humility get so twisted into us thinking that we are called to be ‘small’. And yet, whilst we are called to humble ourselves, the beauty of the God that works in us is not small.  He is a great, big, powerful and magnificent God that wants to show His glory through us. Our creations should reflect to His nature.  His goodness and His greatness. Playing small does not honour this.

Lately I’ve been really taken by the bold and bright designs of Antoni and Alison.  After binge watching the Human Planet this week, I’d like to think these human made creations reflect the wonderfully dramatic natural landscapes of the Artic and even Hawaii 🙂 A confident manifestation of  a ‘go all out’ attitude and unfolding creation.

Wouldn’t the earth be such colourful place if we all stepped out and created with the same mindset of a God who wasn’t scared to be beautiful and bold, all at once?

Such a reminder for us all, to never stay small 🙂

Praying for so much boldness of thought.

Lots of love,



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