Dear Donna,

This morning I stumbled across my favourite blog Convoy.  Gosh it’s been so long since I poured through this and I could honestly spend the whole Saturday just pressing ‘Next’ on the website 🙂 I have convinced myself that this is not an option for a day where there is so much to do!  I’ve been taking a break from social media so these images were an delight to my soul… really playing into my mood of minimalism and stripping back the noise and consumerism that is London Town!  It made me want to take that dream trip to Iceland and find myself in world really removed from the everyday pressures of life. Some may call it escapism.  But so be it.  We all deserve to be planted in a magic and foreign world every now and again, don’t we? 😉

It also made me want to throw out every piece in my closet/home and start from scratch with only pieces curated from The Convoy. Haha! If only!  My mind wanders to a simple place of rural quietness, a warm cup of good coffee and surrounding calm landscapes.

I wonder what God was thinking when He initially swept His hand over these pieces of earth. Knowing that continents would shift and eventually His creation would look like these perfect oil painting.


I’m reminded that we need so little to be content. That so much of what makes us happy is entirely free.  Our souls filled with love, surrounded by friends and family, and world full of God’s magnificent creation to boot. A good cup of coffee. A gentle breeze moving the leaves and the birds tweeting in the stillness of the earth.  This, far more that riches and success, is what we came for. Those small moments that we can give thanks to the God that created us.  Give thanks for the small gifts that surround us.  And for the moments that pass through us.


If and when you ever feel overwhelmed, remember these daily gifts He gives us.

Your friend,




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